As some of you may know Spotlight Radio is the sister podcast flagship to the already established and highly successful weekly TDFZ (Tangerine Dream Fans Zone) Radio Show that helps promote the very best in world electronic instrumental music. Since TDFZ itself was born over 3 years ago it became very apparent to us that with so much stunning work being produced by independent bands and artists in other established musical genres that another much needed special outlet and platform was required.

We developed The Spotlight Radio Show during 2008, rallying established music industry friends for support through our MySpace and our far stretching Sound Futures Direct community and the first edition of the Spotlight Radio Show hit the podcast airwaves on 15th August 2009.


We welcome your own musical works and videos for submission, selection and inclusion for our podcast and video special programs. These should be emailed to us. As we feature an eclectic music mix on each Spotlight Show program from various genres raging from Rock to blues and Heavy Metal to Jazz and other alternative styles  we are aware that some works you may wish to submit may be long. In this instance we suggest that you use a service such as "You Send It" to place the track/s, then email us the link to it an any associated details we require to download it or contact us for access to our FTP server.

Finally, please (and this is the important part - so please read) you must, when emailing your music track/s or video complete the following disclaimer/permission form (available as .doc or PDF) and attach it to the email with your submissions. Similarly to the TDFZ Podcast shows all  Spotlight shows are permanently archived and made available at their respective radio sites for listeners future enjoyment. This is an important consideration we ask all those submitting music (mp3's) to address with any recorded versions their work that they supply us with.

Our sole aim at Spotlight as a totally non-profitting enterprise is to help promote and expose the very best music there is out there and not  give it away compromising any potential future sales via outlets of their own that featured artists and bands may already have in place.

Spotlight Submissions Form (PDF)

Spotlight Submissions form (.doc)