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Spotlight Raio Show Episode 3 – 19th September 2009

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Spotlight Radio Show Episode 3

Welcome to this weeks edition of Spotlight Radio with Chris Newman.

We have another truly stellar line-up and eclectic mix of the current best music out there to be found in a wide spectrum of varying musical genres.

On today’s show we have exclusive works from Bridget Wishart from her latest album with Spirits Burning “Bloodlines”, take a delve into the work of Danish Shoegaze maestro Keith Canisius and we explore some completely different new musical styles and works produced by both Dithmar and Frank Dorittke (FD Project) usually renowned for their electronic instrumental creations. All this and much much more in over an hour of wall to wall sonic pleasure.

You’re weekend starts here….

Todays Spotlight Artist Playlist:

1. EletriKa – Atehnup (from the album SOB)

2. Dithmar – Fake

3. Spirits Burning & Bridget Wishart – Mother Of The Dragon

4. Keith Canisius – Diving Day

5. Rumskib Interview (TDFZ Radio Show November 09)
6.  Rumskib -Springtime

7. FD Project – Heaven Must Be Proud

8. Wonka -Atlanta Live

9. Bridget Wishart & Everling – Silver & Gold

10.Dithmar – Take Me In -Dithmar & Defro5t vs Jokke ilsoe feat Lucy Love

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Spotlight Radio Show Episode 2 – 22 August 2009

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Spotlight Radio Show Episode 2

Welcome back to this weeks edition of the Spotlight Radio Show.

In today’s music filled edition with Chris Newman we uncover more artists and bands from around the planet who are all at the cutting edge of their chosen musical genres.

With another totally eclectic music mix awaiting you on this weeks show also included is part of an interview with Chris and midi guitar maestro Les Fradkin that originally featured on his TDFZ Radio Show “Dream Of Peace” Special back in April of this year. To hear the whole of that particular 2 hour musical epic featuring the likes of very exclusive works from Yoko Ono, Tangerine Dream & Valkir amongst many others the show is still available with all other TDFZ Radio podcast shows at its site:

Don’t forget to visit our SFD Cyber Warehouse store helping to
support independent bands and artists world wide:

plus the official SFD Spotlight & TDFZ Forum:

The next Spotlight Radio Show will be on Saturday 6th September,
we all look forward to you joining us again as our sonic travels continue

Today’s Spotlight Radio Playlist

Artist tracks/weblinks:

1. Les Fradkin – Warp Drive
2.Mario Tomic – Tropical Danza
3. Black Angel – Chemical Man
4. Twilight Void – Hoffman
5. Din A Testbild – Deeper
6. Valkir – Lexikon
7.  Les Fradkin interview from TDFZ Dream Of Peace Special – Together
8. Paradise9 – Crystalized Moments
9.  LAF – A Walk In The Sun
10. Mario Tomic -Taboo

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Spotlight Radio Show Episode 1 – 15 August 2009

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Spotlight Radio Show Episode 1

Welcome to our official Spotlight Radio launch music program
with your host Chris Newman.

Spotlight is the brand new podcast sister ship to the long running and successful TDFZ Radio Show and is another new exciting musical platform for independent bands and artists world wide.

The common thread between both the TDFZ Radio (The Tangerine Dream Fan Zone Radio) and Spotlight Radio is that its listeners love the music of legendary electronic music pioneers and similarly the artists who have their music exposed are all in one way or another inspired or influenced by Tangerine Dream themselves.

The TDFZ Radio Show has assisted hundreds of global bands and artists since it began and showcases exclusively Electronic Instrumental work.

Spotlight Radio has come into being as a result of the fact that Tangerine Dream’s musical influence and inspiration on artists in their 40 years existence has not just confined to their effect on electronic music artists but literally have reached into so
many other musical styles and genres. From Prog Rock to Heavy Metal and from Jazz to Classical and beyond they have left their mark.

The Spotlight Radio Music shows provide an exclusive new musical vehicle for independent bands and artists and the show has a completely eclectectic mix and feel to it making it a unique and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Spotlight has already the support of many established and known mainstream bands and artists from these differing genres and music specials with some of them are already in the pipeline and
will help inspire further both musicians and Spotlight listeners alike.

You can connect with Spotlight on MySpace here:

Join us at our official Sound Futures Direct Forum where fans of both TDFZ Radio and Spotlight can connect with some of the shows artists as well as kindred spirits everywhere.

Our Sound Futures Direct Cyber Warehouse Online Music Store was established last year in our ongoing quest to help independent bands and artists world wide. We already have a large roster of cutting edge artists from all genres and countries taking advantage of this service. Come check the Store out:

Don’t forget to listen and enjoy todays first ever Spotlight special and enter the competition to be in with a chance to be the lucky
winner of one of four copies of a new album available courtesy of  the band Scarlet Utopia. The album itself is called Adventures
Under Black Light and only recently released. Why not check the competition never know your luck!!

Spotlight Edition Number One 15th August 2009
Track Playlist:

1.Hardware – Foxy Lady
2.ElectriKa – Hey Mister
3. Alberto Grillenzoni & Luca Cantelli – Celtic Blues
4.Bobby Wotnot – featuring lee vernon Mr Guilt
5. SIFU – My Self Reflection
6. The Dark Villager – If I had A Dog
7. The Neurons – Miles Redcloud
8. Scarlet Utopia – Black Sun
9. ONOFFON – Shadowglass
10. DJuma SoundSystem (From Here To There Aug 2009 mix)
The Strawbs Official website:

A huge thanks to the legendary Don Garbutt for the use of incidental music in part of this Spotlight launch Special program
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